Live performance version of Conflux Coldwell's (Michael C Coldwell) AV album Zoetrope. 

Inspired by the mesmerizing dreamlike loops of the zoetrope, and other early motion toys and machines, this latest album from CC feels like an hallucinatory trip back to some other time, re-animating pictures of a forgotten childhood perhaps, murky glimpses and screen memories surfacing from the cycling mechanical noise. 

The tracks were made using worn cassette tape loops, recordings of old children’s television programmes, nursery rhymes and melodies played on lo-if toy musical instruments. They are presented as part of a larger audiovisual work, alongside short GIFs which sample and re-score vintage animation, 80s cartoons, films and kid’s TV, (mis)remembered from the artist’s own childhood. These small clips are delivered using the website Coub - a 21st century digital equivalent of the looping zoetrope - a tool which bills itself as “The Ultimate Looping Machine”.